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Welcome to All’antico Vinaio, the legendary Florentine sandwich shop. Since 1991, the Mazzanti family has been passionately running the three Florence locations of All’antico Vinaio and has been drawing crowds of both Italians and tourists alike due to the exceptional ingredients and freshly baked Tuscan schiacciata bread. Considered one of the best street food experiences in the world, and considered by Saveur magazine “home of the world’s best sandwiches”, we welcome you to experience those very same ingredients and freshly baked bread at the first American outpost. Buon Appetito!

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Tommaso Mazzanti was born in 1988 in Bagno a Tipoli (Florence). He attended the hotel school until the age of 18, and then entered the family business (All’Antico Vinaio). joined the family company in 2014, and then opened 4 other stores with them between 2017 and 2021. In 2020 his first store outside of Florence opens in Milan. Since December 2020 it has also opened a store in the most important shopping center in Italy, I Gigli He had two experiences in the USA with the Bastianich family both in New York and in Los Angeles, recording sold out every day. He has been defined among the best and most social young restaurateurs in Italy.

Within a few years, Tommaso Mazzanti brought the restaurant All’Antico Vinaio, from being a reference point for the workers of the historic center of Florence to being a reference point and half of tourists from all over the world. The Schiacciata la Favolosa, prepared by him with Sbriciolona (typical Florentine salami), Pecorino cream made by him, Artichoke cream, and fried eggplant has been defined by the main magazines as among the best sandwiches in the world.

In 2009 he discovers Tripadvisor and realizes that it can be of great help in making himself known to other potential customers. By sponsoring on its social channels, the rise among the best clubs in Italy is very fast and in 2014 it was declared the most reviewed club in the world.

in addition to some TV appearances, Tommaso Mazzanti opens his first page on Facebook in 2009, to make himself known to an audience outside the city of Florence. entertaining the various users over the years, with very delicious videos and photos, preparing recipes, and preparing his sandwiches, in just a few years Tommaso became one of the most social places in Italy and a real public figure. to date, its social channels boast over 1 million following. in 2018 he was defined as one of the most social restaurateurs in Italy. in 2018 he is always included as a Facebook ambassador for companies.

In 2018, creating a column where Tommaso presents his dunks (seen by over 5 million users), for the first time his famous motto BADA COME LA FUMA appears. From 2018 to today, his motto has truly become a slogan and a catchphrase on social media, so much so that Mr. Bada is defined by many as how he smokes it. BADA COME LA FUMA is a term for when Tommaso opens his freshly baked bread when the smoke comes out. To give an example, the hashtag BADA COME LA FUMA, on Tik Tok alone, has reached over 30 million views.

Tommaso currently has four shops in Florence, one inside the I Gigli Shopping Center, one in the heart of Milan, and another opening in the center of Rome.

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